Mindset Tips For Entrepreneurs [Part 2]

Prepare to be stunnazed! Have you ever joined a millionaire mindset challenge, followed millionaire mindset advice, perhaps whilst barely making 3 or 4 figures consistently in business a month?

Maybe you’ve had a small breakthrough, then found yourself still struggling to make money, improve your relationships, get career success, and that remote jet set lifestyle that everyone dreams of?

Well, let me share a secret, hun. It’s not that mindset tips don’t work, it’s just that it’s likely that the outcomes you experience will match your frequency, and no more.

What I mean is, if you are following millionaire mindset approaches, unless they help you with how to think for where you are at, the outcome (One MIL OR MORE, for example) will most likely be unattainable right now, or at the very least, much, much harder to reach.

Here’s a radical approach for you. How about adopting a mindset that is relevant to your current level and stretches you beyond this level instead?

For example, if you are starting out and have never made a single penny from business or your creation, dreaming big is great and, if you know anything about me, I’m deffo here for it. The thing is that focusing solely on an advanced mindset strategy (e.g., reaching six figure months consistently when you are barely, if at all, past $0-$1000 could be what is hindering you.

Instead, consider having an overall big dream strategy, and placing your primary focus on your immediate aims.

So, if you are at $0-1000 consistent income a month, you could focus on doing the tasks necessary to get you to $1000 or beyond and start priming your mind by stretching for $1000-$1,500, or $1,500-$5,000 perhaps, whilst visualising the overall end goal. You know what I mean, hun. That BIG MONEY number! The BIG dream that you can taste!

This strategy can be applied wherever you are, be it in the five figure and six figure income streams, and beyond.

Scaling to a MIL and beyond and working towards every level in between takes a much different mentality and approach than someone getting started.

I believe we are given what we can handle, so focus on where you are for now to get to the next level. Handle your business! Remember, when starting out, your business becomes valid after you have started and proved that the concept is viable. Focus on that part for now.

What this does –

  • It removes that feeling of not being good enough.
  • It helps you feel more in control.
  • It helps you nurture your ‘feel good vibes’ instead of imposter syndrome, and maybe checking out ‘competitors’ and feeling bad.
  • It can perhaps prevent feelings of ill will and envy.
  • It helps you focus on self improvement and self excellence.

Stretching too far when you haven’t even grown into the next level person could hinder you in the long run.

Think of it this way, even if you were to get that coin, could you manage that responsibility?

Statistically, even lottery winners tend to end up poorer than they were before the win.

Your work load would increase, that means more of what you haven’t even prepared for.

If you’re anything like me, right now you might be saying, well that’s a problem I’d rather have and I’ll deal with it when I get there.

Look at it this way. By the time you are earning six + figures per month, your basic needs are hopefully met. You may have established your business or company, and are ready to face different issues such as scaling and sustaining. This takes a different mindset than someone at the starting line trying to get going.

I say, don’t make it complicated and deal with the NOW.

Work with what you have from where you are – just get going and build from there.

The overall message here is to stay in your lane (for now)!

Adopt an appropriate mindset.

Get ready for greatness by prepping accordingly.

Remember, it takes a certain mindset to deal with and manage a million dollar lifestyle sustainably.

If you are at the barely making ends meet level, it would be sensible to manage that level first, whilst stretching and growing into the next level mindset.

Hope that makes sense.

Next steps:

Start to introduce mindset activities that match where you are and stretch you as opposed to reaching for something out of reach and setting yourself up to fail.

Be good, kind and gentle to yourself.

What mindset approach could you implement to help you attain your next level goals?

What would someone aiming for your desired initial level of income be focused on?

Create a relevant affirmation or mantra and repeat it.

Live it, breathe it, sleep it.

Tip: include gratitude. Yes – ‘tis spiritual (if you know me, that’s how I roll!)

Acknowledge and give thanks for where you are and also give thanks for where you wish to be.


Create a relevant mindset approach today and share it in the comments.

Looking forward to your share!

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