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FemaleMusicPreneur ImageHello, lady boss! I’m Danelle Harvey! I’m an entrepreneurial ambiverted, glam nerd, fitness and tasty vegan cuisine obsessed happy oddball from London, UK, currently residing in the tropics. After leaving record deals, I built a sustainable 25+ year indie career to suit my needs & lifestyle desires. I achieved amazing outcomes (as a recording & touring artist, composer, songwriter, singer, musician, activator, humanitarian, record label, licensing company owner, actor, work with chart topping artists) whilst raising my daughter. I created my ideal life.

I set up Female MusicPreneur to help & empower other female musicpreneurs to blaze their own trails too through my blog, vlogs, podcasts, and specially created trainings based on fluff-free techniques that work.

I help female musicians by empowering and educating them about music business, giving them tips and tricks that enable them to build, own and sustain their careers, boost their music income and drastically increase their bottom lines.

My #1 Amazon bestselling book ‘Music & Money’ A Success Guide for Music Creators, Recording Artists, Songwriters and Musicians breaks down how to start a music career, succeed in music business and make money right now from your music. 

My signature program, Get Started Right – Music Biz Basics helps female musicians get correctly set up to be in business – even on a little to no budget, understand how to leverage their skills as musicians to help them succeed, how to get excellent expert advice and protection, and make money from their music and efforts in their sleep or otherwise!

My 90-Day Success Plan for Female Musicpreneurs program helps the female musician set, plan, organise, and carry out tailored success-based activities so that she can get organised, get her time & life back, work on her music, and attain success on her own terms. 

I get a thrill in helping others to realise their greatness and be their best selves. If you’re ready to take control of your life and career and become truly indie-pendent, this blog or my products might be just the ticket! Enjoy! D x