Mindset Tips For Entrepreneurs [Part 1]

Mindset is a popular buzzword these days.

Many have heard of the term mindset and have an inkling that theirs needs to be worked on.

However, they may not realise that improving one’s mindset is an endeavour akin to building muscle and strength during an ongoing workout program.

It takes time.

We often want things to be better right now and may cry out in despair when all things we do don’t seem to amount to anything.

It can be scary and frustrating not getting to where we want to be.

The tricky part is realising and admitting that we are the very obstacle that we struggle to get past.

We can be our own worst enemies.

Our egos and sheer reluctance to admit that we need to up our game prevent us from achieving and receiving things we dream of.

As a child, I used powerful self improvement mindset strategies to overcome traumatic experiences. I’d learned about positive visualisation aged around 8, then adopted that way of thinking whenever I felt sad and wanted all the misery to go away. It was a coping mechanism. Looking back, I realise that I have since created the life and things I dreamt of back then. I didn’t consciously do it. I know now though that I had a mindset to overcome and that it was a powerful tool I’ve used throughout my life.

It was after stumbling upon Louse Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life around 1994, that it really hit home how making a conscious effort to improve my life by fixing my mindset and conditioning my mind was the way forward.

Since then, I have not looked back. In fact, I have done my best to visualise forward! Of course, it is a work in progress. However, I am grateful to have been able to share what I have learned in my book ‘Music & Money’ and whilst coaching, consulting, and training my clients. I love to share ways that have helped me and I feel really fortunate to have become aware of how powerful a mindset can be.

One of the first things I learnt that we must be mindful of is the little voice in our head that tells us negative things. The voice is there – constantly – and it can get the better of us if we allow it to.

One powerful way to nix it is to become aware of and acknowledge its existence.

Then it’s important to monitor thoughts as much as possible.

Building on from this, we can replacing the negative or unwanted thoughts with preferable ones, but going back a step, we have to first be aware of the problem to figure out how best to make changes.

Babysteps are good.

The mindset that we are working with has probably been controlling our thoughts and actions for years.

So starting with awareness is a great first step.

Awareness leads to knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

‘Tis even more powerful when you know what to do with it.


So, it makes sense to spend a little time becoming clued up about the negative voice in our head. One way is to check in periodically and jot down the thoughts you are having. I do this daily! As I said it’s a process and we are never “there”.

As I write this post, I am on day 19 on Louise Hay’s 21 day Mirror Work program. It took me a while to even consider mirror work. I thought I didn’t need it. Since starting it though, I have found it to be a great way to redo in depth Louise’s exercises that resonated with me over the years. I recommend here it as it is something that really has accelerated my mindset practice since starting it 19 days ago.

As I said, it’s an ongoing process. Mindset work will be lifelong for me. I feel as though it would for anyone who wishes to improve from wherever they are.

Basically, I feel that if we have areas in our life that we would like to improve upon and struggle somehow, our mindset may have something to do with it.

As this is a business blog, I’d love to for you to explore how your mindset impacts your business. Are you game?

If so, I have a challenge for you.

Are you willing to explore the thoughts in your head to improve your business mindset?

If yes, when will you start and for how long?

No time like the present, hun! I’m doing it with you!

Action steps:

  1. Declare below when you will start and for how long.
  2. Also state how often you’ll check in with yourself.
  3. If you’d like accountability, let me know. Email me. Let’s do this together!

Let’s get it. #mindsetgoals

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P.S – Don’t forget to:

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