3 Ways to Increase Your Income From Home

Hello, my lovely! I hope this finds you and yours well.

In this post we discuss 3 ways to increase your home-based income that can help to increase profit for small businesses. My mission is to empower female creatives and show ways to set up, run a profitable business, and create your dream life – even on zero budget!

During the lockdown or post lockdown in some cases, increasing income fast has been the focus of many who now work from home, must work from home, and those of us running small businesses or companies from home.

Some are starting from scratch and others need to find a way to keep money coming in, but are confused about how to achieve this. I am constantly thinking of ways I can help to alleviate any confusion and just help create big gains! In my last post on 5 Business Survival Tips I gave some tips on things to do to update your online presence.

Today, I cover 3 practical ways to increase income for those already making income and offer an alternative for those starting from scratch. The alternative can also work for those already in business.

A bonus is that I believe they are simple to implement.

Stick with what works

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

If you have income already coming in, identify which stream it comes from, then 5x, 10x, 30x (or more) your efforts in that area!

That’s right.

Make the rinse and repeat approach your best friend.

Do more of what works and cut out what doesn’t.

This helps you in a number of ways:

  • You can focus your energy on a clear goals and strategies (this includes, acquisition costs how much it costs to get new clients or fans and including these costs in your pricing)
  • marketing (knowing or identifying exactly where your ideal clients/fans are so you can market to them), and
  • implementation (you can save time by following/tweaking your SOP (standard operating procedure for this particular income stream) and not starting again from scratch.

This means less overwhelm and more clarity.

This means better rest and time to be the creative CEO making #bossmoves that you are!

You can predict your profits instead of flailing about trying everything without a clear plan just to see what sticks.

If you need help with getting there, check out my FREE mindset guide with 3 of my top tips with mindset boosts.

Graphic of 3 of My Top Mindset Success Tips Free Guide
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Watch your spending (time + money)

This one’s simple, hun.

Cut out spending on what is not working.

This includes money and your time.

Stop watching countless free webinars looking for the magic answer.

Stop scrolling social media feeds aimlessly.


I know it may feel better to numb your brain due to current global circumstances.

But you have a choice in how to come through this time.

And you will pull through.

If it really is asking too much of you, you could always cut down on your expenditure – for now.

That’s a start, right?

I have a great  exercise I share with my clients that can really help you understand exactly how you are spending our precious time and it is an eye opener. It involves tracking your expenditure – time and money. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch here.

For now, though, how about starting to do things differently?

Here’s one approach:

During your work time, scroll on Social Media ONLY if you wish to:

  • actively contribute with your business expertise,
  • expand your network and make great new connections,
  • network (no – NOT socialize – network), or
  • for another strategic purpose (i.e. – growing your email list, researching industry/fans/clients/potential business partners, or driving traffic to your wonderful deal/offer.

Sound fair?

Make more offers

One of the most basic rules in business is that you have to make sales to make money.

It therefore follows that the more offers you make, the more sales you make, the more money you make.


#BossMoves Income + Sales Planner

More income? Yes please!

Of course, making sales is the elephant in the room that is often ignored.

Many of us are uncomfortable with the ‘sales’ word.

This post is not about getting into whether you are comfortable with sales or not.

This is something you may have to work on. [Check out my free Mindset guide here].

So rather than have you skirt the issue,


buy new trainings that you never implement,

so you end up feeling helpless and that you’ll never crack it,

instead, I’d love for you to be empowered and to get real, understand that more sales is the only way to get more income and find ways to attract your ideal client AND make offers.

Once you realise that you can approach sales with integrity and discard your idea of sales, you can better your outcomes.

However you do that is up to you.

Some suggestions:

  • work on your sales technique,
  • learn new strategies,
  • hire someone to do sales for you,
  • put together a 5 step plan to generate more sales that involves something that you have never done before or don’t do enough of and do one step daily that scares the living daylights out of you!

YES! Step outside of that comfort zone, darl!

So there you have it. Three ways to increase your income.

Which of the 3 is most appealing to you and why?

Which can you implement over the next few days?

Drop a comment and let me know below.

Here’s to more income!


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