Mindset Tips For Entrepreneurs | Time Management [Part 3]

Do you ever feel as though there’s never enough time?

Or end up de-motivated so you don’t do anything?

Whose narrative controls your mind?

Your time is valuable and precious!

How do you spend your days?

Do you allocate your time to get your tasks done, work, family, friend, and “me” (as in, you) time, and follow your plans, or are you at the whim of events?

If you want to make any changes in your life that involve you doing different things or spending more time doing the right things, it’s important to get a handle on your activities.

These activities must be under your control, as they impact your output, your outlook, and bottom line.

Time IS money. Time is LIFE.

Once time has passed by, that’s it – a lost minute, hour, or day cannot be regained!

How would you like your time to be spent whilst being blessed with your precious life?

If you aspire to reach the next level, don’t underestimate how much time is wasted daily.

Own your circumstances.

Then take steps to make the improvements you wish for.

Don’t allow circumstances or events that take your time prevent you from progressing.

YOU control your time.

No one controls that.

Even if you want to get nit picky with me – you certainly control your spare time.

Whether it's five minutes per day or an hour! So much can be done in 5 minutes. I’m not joking!

Action steps

If you want to make changes, first things first:

  1. Evaluate how you spend your time.
  2. Change your activities to create what it is you want.

It starts with you wanting to address and make a positive change in that area.

Have you seen my Mindset Success Boost Guide? In it, I provide three ways to improve your mindset.

Doing this can help you improve your time management if that is your mindset focus.

The tips can be used at any level of the game, and better still, tweaked to suit you and your needs.

Check it out and download it here: 3 Top Mindset Tips Free Guide

Want more?

I also have a fab 1:1 time management training in which you learn how to allocate your time and create a schedule on your own terms. The training provides systems that help you streamline your activities too.

You end up having time for yourself, your loved ones, your hobbies, your business and so much more.

No more overwhelm and feeling flummoxed!

Yes, hun, my #BossMoves 1:1 Power Hour training works. I created it to address my own “lack of time” circumstances and do it on a regular basis to stay honest with myself. I also do this training with my clients who really want to improve their productivity, lives, and business. It consists of two sessions, 1 consists of the training, the second is a recap and follow up to ensure that all is on track going forward.

If you’d like to learn how to gain control of your life and time with me, get in touch here:

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Here is what Tayloria, CEO of One Full Life had to say about her Power Hour Session:

“I received clarity, life-changing time management skills and amazing business tips during my #BossMove Power Hour. I left the session feeling like a weight was lifted and I know I can conquer the world. Thank you Dee for your guidance, patience and support!”

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I look forward to connecting soon.



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