Motivation for Musicians – How to be a successful indie artist – The success mindset Part 3

To know how to succeed as a musician, I think it’s important to know how to work with what you already have instead of allowing ‘lack’ to affect our progress. A big NO to – that starving artist mentality! Reject it, right away! 
Take your power and use it. How? I think it’s best to be real and to first take a reality check on how things are. Face it so that you can move on. You see, instead of letting our hindrances own us, we can focus on the abundance we already have in order to move forward with purpose and succeed. 
Abundance, you say? 
What abundance?
Set up a free intro call with me and give me 5 minutes. I will show you a few splashes of abundance already in your life. 
Aside from that, this is about encouraging you to use what you have to make great strides. 
I know, I know, some musicians – perhaps those who are still learning, think they need certain things outside of themselves or external ‘power’ (a deal, management, whatever) to make it. I, on the other hand, think musicians ‘need’ themselves first, and ‘need’ to learn to trust in themselves enough to get to the next level, where they can combine their power with another maybe to move further. 
This post is for anyone trying to become known and are feeling the pinch about expenditure requirements for their music projects. 
I love this quote from Daymond John. He explains that it is about acting “within your reach”. I translate this to mean, be wise about what you spend.
I agree with that. Sometimes the best results and outcomes come from nothing or from a rough round the edges form. Just look a diamond or a pearl. Sometimes we just have to be willing to work with what is there and buff it up with nothing but nouse, chutzpah and elbow grease until it shines and shows itself to be a true gem. Sometimes, you have no choice but to be creative if you want to eat and keep a roof over your head. When I started, before I set up my label, publishing company, and Female MusicPreneur, I had no budget (i.e. no funds to spend on building and creating success as an indie artist), but I had a masterplan and a daughter to feed and give THE best life to – as well as myself. Nowt wrong with honouring oneself! 😉 


The combo of desire, knowing my self -entirely- and what I wanted to achieve, and the passion to succeed and make a positive difference in the world through my music and humanitarian work was dynamite! It worked. 
This is why I think that a good strategy will get you where you want to go. The ability to adapt quickly helps too. I started as a signed artist in the ‘old school’ music industry – the days when vinyl was the norm – with record and publishing deals. When the ‘new school’ of technology cam through, I saw people flailing because they were stuck in the ‘old’ system. 
To this day, some people believe that there’s no money in music anymore and that you need a day job, or that you needs loads of money to ‘make it’. Do you believe this?
I do not and never have. I know that this isn’t my truth. 
I think it’s all about moving with or ahead of the times and learning new tricks to make it. Thankfully, I have always been creative and known how to tap into source power and work with what I have. I LOVE helping artists learn how to do the same and to empower themselves!


If you are an artist who believes what you have is not enough to get you to the next level, my success tip this week is this. DO NOT overspend or overextend yourself unnecessarily. Put together a relevant strategy that includes figuring out what you have or have access to, then work with it. 
If you’re stuck on how, you can start with your mindset, putting yourself first and figuring out what is best for YOU (for tips on how to do this, get in touch), then moving forward. Check out my free new mindset success guide below!
If this resonates, let me know in the comments. If you need help with success strategies I’m your lady!
Here’s a link to my IMDB resume and testimonials on my website. To give you a little idea of what can be achieved from just a dream (and no budget at all) within months.
Are you ready to live your dream?
Name it and claim it, lady boss!

All it takes is a good strategy. 
Have a good one! 


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D x


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