3 Marketing Ideas for Musicians for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Holidays

Marketing ideas! *Phew!* Music business marketing ideas at that. We all know it is an essential aspect for indie musicians to succeed. However, it isn’t easy to come up with new ideas, hey? Musicians I talk to often feel pressured to market all the time when they really just want to create music.

Although we are wrapping up for the year and quarter 4, it’s not too late to get an income boost or add new marketing strategies for right now. There are a number of ways that we can get some great results  and this post highlights three.


5 Marketing Ideas for Musicians for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Holidays


I am currently putting together the second book of my book series and realised how big of an issue marketing can be. The follow-up to my #1 bestselling book ‘Music & Money’ on Amazon will focus on marketing and walk readers through practical ways to make money by implementing nifty marketing strategies. I thought I’d write this post in the meantime to help with some of the issues I know we musicians and artists can have when figuring out how to generate income this time of year.

5 Marketing Ideas for Musicians for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Holidays

Marketing Ideas Are Fab. But First, Let’s Talk About Giving

It’s nice to give. During Thanksgiving season, even more so. I think the key to it all is to be genuine. And don’t give just to receive. Bad Karma! Give and show your recipients that they are extra special. 

  1. It’s always lovely to thank your fans, listeners, followers, membership, e-mail subscribers, connections, and colleagues. Thank your amazing ‘ride or dies’ as I call them! Those who have bought your music, art or offerings, supported you, retweeted you, been amazing partners, helped you in some way – or even opened your emails and engaged with you. You could send them a ‘just because’ gift or create something just for them. A special song, piece of art, or a version of something you already have out there. Send it to them to say thank you.
  2. You could create a special exclusive thank you offer – perhaps a music bundle, special remix or creative work. If you are making it income based you could offer a discount, or special sale for subscribers. If you decide to create an offer free or otherwise don’t forget to share everywhere that is relevant to the selected recipients. Include your social media and other communications; these include e-mail, texts and even DMs. If you use FB, other messenger, or automation, you could set up a nice little alert to notify people.
  3. To make it even more meaningful and manageable for that limited time, generate a promotional code that expires on a set date. This way, it encourages your special people to take advantage of the limited time promotion. 


5 Marketing Ideas for Musicians for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Holidays


And what about those who are in the biz grind too? Team work makes the dream work, my love! Just because you’re a solopreneur/CEO in the making, you can still shout out those you appreciate and show some love to them. There is nothing better than giving love to other amazing musicians, artists, small businesses, products or people that you like, just because. To remain in keeping with Thanksgiving, or just to show gratitude, why not give thanks, just because? 

  1. Shout out someone in the music biz that you appreciate, either a colleague, artist, coach or mentor – spread the love and let people know why they are so bloomin’ awesome!
  2. Recommend someone – this could be another musician or artist
  3. Thank someone publicly. This might be an outright thank you or by using something old school like #FollowFriday and #FF to let people know who you have all the love for this week! This actually could be seen as a way to marketing others. And why not do something lovely for those who have positively impacted you in some way?  

Now for actual marketing ideas. Ready? Let’s go. 

3 Holiday Marketing Ideas For Musicians

We are lucky that music is loved and appreciated all year round. As people are particularly thinking about gifts and stocking fillers this time of year, ’tis the perfect time to get visible!

The simple idea is to let your potential customer(s) and music lovers know about your work – or gently remind them, so that they can choose your wonderful creations as a gift or just get to know you. If you’re stumped for ways to market your offerings, think about incorporating at least one of the following into your marketing plan for the rest of the year.

Marketing Through Collaboration

Marketing ideas can be even more powerful when it’s not just the power of one. Music business marketing works great when collaborating with others.  Teaming up with another musician, artist, creator or other partner you love and trust during this time can maximise your lists and reach. 

  1. Consider working with someone to promote or share your new offering, or each other’s.
  2. Ensure that person’s work or brand complements yours.
  3. Contact that someone and get cracking!

Wins all round! You are helping your audience by introducing them to someone new whilst also helping your partner by shining a light on them. Equally, your partner does the same with their crew. 


5 Marketing Ideas for Musicians for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Holidays

Marketing with Sales Offers! 

Marketing may feel less pushy when you have a legit reason to market – like a sale of your fab work for instance! Music business marketing works great in this way, lady boss. ‘Tis sales season so what better than to get into the sales spirit and offer limited discounts for Thanksgiving or Black Friday? 

  1. If you’d prefer not to – perhaps you don’t want to discount your goods, how about hosting an anti Black Friday into Cyber Monday event and keeping everything full price? You could explain to your list and followers why these holidays aren’t for you. If you have a dedicated following and you are authentic and true they’re likely to support you and you’ll have a great opportunity to share your philosophy with perhaps a new audience.
  2. Host a secret sale just for your list or followers. You could encourage followers to sign up to your list to get the special code.
  3. Provide a special offer or free gift after spending x.


For example, if your customer/fan/audience member spends over a certain amount you could offer a special recording, piece of art, or other limited edition creation for your fans. For example, at my upcoming live physical book launch I will be offering a free introductory 1:1 consultation (value $197+) with every purchase of my book and course package comprising: the physical copy of my book, a course that complements it, and a chance to do the course with me and a select few as a challenge during the launch month. The main aim is to get participants prepped to create success business foundations – we’ll all do it together and get set for an outstanding 2019 and beyond. By the way, if you’re interested, message me here: launch bundle query. Think of something free that you could offer that provides an additional bonus treat for your fab peeps.

5 Marketing Ideas for Musicians for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Holidays

Marketing by Bundling up!

A great marketing idea is to offer a bundle of your music – this could specifically be holiday music, but it doesn’t have to be. Music business marketing works well with something fresh and new to promote. I know as indie musicians we’re not always necessarily in the spotlight 24/7 so here’s a great way to get in front of everyone’s minds right now!

  1. Think about using past releases and demos from prior years, or from a brand new project.
  2. Think about putting together a bundle of goodies not just involving music to create a special offer for. This may involve something else that you’re good at, or merch from a show or tour. Snap the goodies, share the pictures and create a special link to buy it. Create gift vouchers and coupons of special offers (sheet music, lyrics, membership clubs, music, etc., limited to this year and season). You could get this going right away and promote this as ‘coming soon’ throughout the month, or during the week of the holiday.
  3. When you partner up with a brand or other artist, ask if they have anything promotional that they would like to include. Make sure it brings value to your crowd. If you’re really savvy, you could offer something promotional to people in your network or niche for free. It could be as simple as a beautiful flier with a discount code or offer. If it benefits their peeps and they are as on it as you are ;), they’ll see the benefit in this.

So there you have it. 3 marketing ideas to try this season with a sneaky bit of love encouragement to boot hehe! 


All of the above of course also applies to December and the Chrimbo season.

Don’t forget, lady boss, for any of your marketing plans to work, you have to let people know!

You have to remind people periodically too. Don’t forget to follow-up!

Just be creative, do not spam!

Pick one. Just get going! 

Most of all, enjoy this marketing lark. ‘Tis fun when it flows and is authentic!

Here’s to a fab end of Q4 and holiday season!

Which of these are you game to try? What have you tried before, how did it go? Comment and let us know below.

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Here’s to owning your career and blazing your own trail!

Have a fab one!



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