Success Resources For Independent Musicians – Life, Money and Mindset tools, and Music Biz Resources to Help you Succeed – Motivation for Musicians Pt. 2

Success Resources For Independent Musicians – Life, Money and Mindset tools, and Music Biz Resources to Help you Succeed – Motivation for Musicians Pt. 2

If you want music career success and life success, as far as I’m concerned, life is truly successful when you’ve balanced every part of it, or you’re at least working at it! I’ve put together a short list of (alternative) tools for independent musicians that I personally used to get my life, mindset, finances, spiritual and music biz game together. 
Often, people only focus on one aspect like music marketing and don’t realise that success is a holistic affair. I’ve shared with clients, fans, friends and in talks and interviews how having blocks in certain areas can impede our progress and how I’ve been working on mine since I was little.

Some of the tools in this blog post played a part in my success and helped me turn my life around to earn my first six figure income a number of years ago after becoming indie. The rest are recent faves of mine that I believe contribute greatly to various aspects of my life. This small MIND | BODY  | SOUL | BIZ | LIFE success selection is from our long list of recommended resources at our website. I hope you it find it useful. 

This is the second post in our motivation for musicians series. Click here to read part one – motivation tips galore! Oh, and welcome to part two!  Enjoy, lady boss. 🙂 

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Music biz



This is by a veteran music lawyer, Donald S. Passman. Although I’m obsessed with all things law, it is easy to understand and not just for legally trained musicians like me. I start with this book because, apart from the real life wake up lessons that I experienced on my own, it absolutely taught me so much about the music industry music biz wise. When I first signed in my mid teens, a lawyer and manager advised me to read it. I didn’t listen. Then, stuff happened with deals and royalties and I lost out. A few years later (in my 20s) I finally took the advice and bought and read. I really should have taken the advice earlier. 
It covers all you need to know. Although it was originally written back before the digital age (yes, I’ve been a professional for THAT long hehe!), it has been updated (currently on the 9th edition as I write this). After reading it back in the day, I learned and earned A LOT more than before. That combined with my real life knowledge of business and copyright (an obsession of mine since I was a child) made life sweeeet.  It’s a staple on my book shelf. Check it out. You won’t regret it.






You Can Heal Your Life Book by Louise Hay


Ever heard that song, “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life“? Well  my version goes, “One Day Louise Hay saved my life“. She really did. A friend brought me a brand new one from the States to Londinium. It resonated with me in every way and I turned my life around. I mean a total u-turn. I changed my mindset and created a successful career and happy life. 
For anyone who’d like a comprehensive look at things – deep with no thrills – wants to improve their life, and loves (or wants to try out) affirmations for healing the body and mind,  I’d recommend it.




Mind and money





I discovered this book years ago and am I glad I did. It totally sorted my money mind out. I’ll admit that I have a tendency to spend. A lot. What can I say, I enjoy the finer things as an indie-pendent woman haha! Thanks to T. Harv, I learned how to manage money and I started saving. T. Harv recommends a simple and great money creating and wealth building strategy that anyone can follow, no matter what income level. Get ready to re-set your mind-set, lovelies! Well recommended.






I started using Daily Burn around 4 years ago. It was the perfect find. I don’t really like gyms (unless they have a sauna/steam room, swimming pool, and spas), but I love to run, box, and workout at my home gym. I’ve enjoyed working out at home since my childhood, so finding this was perfect. I’d recommend Daily Burn for anyone interested in anything from Yoga and Pilates to MMA – and more! It caters for absolute beginners to the more advanced (my level is fitness fanatic!). 
I recently checked it out as I’d stepped away from it for a year or two, but kept my subscription for the Yin Yoga (love my Yin Yoga!) – great value! Anyway, I noticed they’ve added since added meditations, Pilates, more live classes, MMA (hurrah!) and have an overall sleeker look. I’ve always been obsessed with martial arts workouts, so I’m very pleased. And hey hey, if you click this link you’ll get a free 30 day trial. Can’t hurt right? 



APP only [30-day Free Offer Above]:












I absolutely love these ladies. I’ve been a TIUteam member for around 3 years, but have been doing their workouts a little longer. I love their energy and loved meeting them and Jillian Michaels (see us in her Instagram story below) with my daughter last year  in California during their TIU tour.


Working out is a way of life for me and has been since I was a scrawny little thing aged 9. It’s a great stress reliever, and motivator and helps with mind, body and focus. It’s also a great way to fit and toned and self-disciplined. I workout with the Tone it Up lovelies every day after meditating (I have a dedicated self-care routine that I’ve followed for around 20  years) and also mix it up with my own home gym workouts and body resistance training. They have a fab program to follow, great challenges from time to time and a beautiful community of ladies around the world cheering each other on. Perfect for ambivert moi! 




I think their protein (vegan and organic) is the best I’ve ever tasted and I’ve tasted many over the years, let me tell you! 
Did I tell you I love these ladies? 
Just a bit more info about them as we’re talking about health. 
As musicians, many of us can let ourselves go. Our health is our wealth. Without it, nothing else – the aims, goals, and achievements matter. I always stress the importance of health, I thought I’d share details about their nutrition program. 

I love delicious, nutritious healthy, organic and fresh food and have always baked and cooked from scratch. I personally have never done diets as I prefer to eat proper meals at regular times. However, I actually became so busy with studies and composing music that I’d forget to eat. Does that happen to you? I get consumed with projects and needed to not have to think about food, recipes, ingredients, prep etc., so I joined their nutrition plan. It’s one less thing for my busy mind to deal with. It’s so good! They’ve put together whole menu ideas for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians,  the gluten free, and carnivores. 

Their recipes are generally what I’d normally eat, so it’s a win/win. I haven’t actually got this book as I feel I have the info in all their other goodies shared on their website and as a member. Also I have their recipe book, I’ve bought their nutrition plan, and workouts, and followed a few challenges over the years, and I am a TIU member. I’ve bought in. Their protein. It has come in vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin, coconut, vanilla latte… I’ve bought them all. Yum! Their brand is so solid that I actually expect the book to be an extension of all the amazing things they do. So, it’s recommended.



Mind, Body and Soul


Recent discoveries:





#MindsetIsEverything is one of my fave hashtags! Meditation and visualisation are so important to me. 

I’ve been practising positive visualisation ever since I was around 6 or 7 when I learned that athletes do it to win.  This fab piece of audio combines meditation and visualisation. I thought it might be good to recommend as it is ideal whether you are a beginner or more experienced. As a long time meditator myself, I find it great! 

I came across Joan through Louise Hay in her fantastic talk about stress and I’m so glad It did. For years I have only done my own meditations, but I recently started doing using Joan’s as I wanted to see what it would be like to be guided for a change, particularly as my insomnia has returned after 8 years and I wanted to try a fresh approach to meditation. The second meditation actually helps me sleep!  
The first meditation helps magnify my natural zen in the mornings after I have done my own meditation. SO good!
Anyway, this is such a loving meditation for you, your loved ones, the world and planet. All round good vibes. 


Life ~ action plan




The fabulous Cheryl Richardson breaks down how to get your life in order with love, frankness and lots of laughter. This is an old video recording and pre-gloss! What I love about Cheryl, apart from the fact that she is so funny, is her honesty – she does not beat around the bush and is so endearing.


If you’d like a short and sweet overview and tips on how to  turn things around in your life, get this.


Our 90-Day Success Plan for Musicpreneurs Mini-Course provides success steps and practical exercises, and bonus goodies to help you achieve success.
If you would like some help with attaining real tangible success and becoming a successful independent music artist, my 90-day Success Plan for Musicpreneurs mini-course might be just what you need. 
Here’s to owning your career and blazing your own trails! D x

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