How to make consistent money from your music

Hello, superstar! Want to know how to make consistent money from your music? Or how to earn money from music full-stop? It is possible and need not be difficult. I have done it and I do it so I know first-hand.
Not all lady boss musicians are created equal. Following generic music marketing or income advice isn’t enough for musicians who want to make realmoney and to give up the day job. So, I’ve put together this post highlighting the basics on how to make consistent money from your music that I have used myself. Enjoy! D x
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Decide how you’d like to make money from your music
To know how to make consistent money from your music, you must first have an idea of how you’d like to do it (it’s also a good idea to know what you’d do with it, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. Let’s leave that for another post).  
1. Identify existing money-making streams
If you are already making money, focus on increasing that income. How? Improve upon how you do what you do. If you’re not, drop it, tweak it, or start with the basics, my love. 
2. Identify income ideas
Digital downloads, physical sales, shows, sponsorship opps, licensing? Something else? 
3. Align your efforts with your income generating plan
Whether you wish to make money online, offline, or both, gear your efforts accordingly.  
For example, if you want to boost online income, you could learn how to be found online or generate recurring revenue. This might involve learning publicity, systems, or other online skills. If you want to get your music licensed for TV and film or do it yourself, you’d have to approach it in the right way. If you need to improve in finding or filling venues, learn how. Basically, your goals may require different approaches, so figure out how to approach them the right way. Get in touch to learn more
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Define your brand and niche
This is a constant hurdle for many musicians. To properly learn how to make consistent money, it’s necessary to understand what sets you apart and what will make people stop and give a monkey’s about you. How? 
1. Know who you are 
2. Know what makes you unique; identify what you can do or offer
3. Know how to communicate it
Music and money book review; how to make money from your music online
Connect with your perfect audience
To know how to make consistent money from your music, connect with your ideal fans, partners, or more. 
1. Devise a plan to find and connect with your perfect fans, customers or clients. 
Then, make them happy. And enjoy it. How? Be creative. 
2. Communicate regularly about new music projects, general interesting stuff, sales, gigs, offers for licensing in a strategic way to those who ask you to
3. Ask your fans/potential customers what they would love from you, what they would pay for and how much. 
Now go easy, there’s a time and a place! 😉 If your existing audience does not buy or support you as you’d like, then you may be marketing inappropriately. Ideally, your audience will consist of potential or existing customers and fans. You’ll know this by the type of interactions, exchanges, or support you experience. For example, my fans tend to become my friends. I adore them and can ask or tell them practically anything. I learnt how to find my ideal fans, customers and project partners (and how to help them find me) years ago and help others do the same.  
Keep going
To know how to make consistent money from your music, you have to build up momentum to see what you want become a sustainable reality. To do this:
1. Show up and be your true self. 
Be consistent and respectful. Relationships are built over time. Don’t spam new connections or pressure them to ‘buy or listen to’ your new song. Learn to connect meaningfully with the same love and care you put into your music.   
2. Be authentic and love your fans back. When you are consistently keeping it real and connecting in a meaningful way that resonates, you will find that people want to contribute to your music because they believe in you, you help them, you entertain them, or more. 
3. Analyse results regularly. 
Follow your strategy for a decent period (3 months or more) then review your results. If you’re seeing promising results, you’re on to something. If you’re not seeing any relevant improvement, tweak it hun! 
Be prepared to make money
If you’ve followed the advice above, when the time is right, you will be ready to make income. Here are three important things to establish beforehand, to make consistent money from your music:
1. Know how much you want to make 
2. Know what you plan to sell or make money from
3. Know who you’re selling to or from whom you’d like to make money
Knowing this will help you know how to properly share your wonderful craft to the right people. Otherwise, that hustle will get tired, upsetting and frustrating.  
There are other very important aspects and additional, fundamental ways to generate money that I would love to show you that can help you to bring in income from your music while you sleep! 

Put together a ‘make it rain’ strategy

Last, but not least, once you’ve set your foundations, devise and set up a tangible mechanism from which to bring in money. If you do it right, you will have constant streams of financial income. I can vouch for that! 

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D x


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