Motivation for Musicians – How to get motivated and how to stay inspired – Part 1

Motivation for Musicians - How to get motivated and how to stay inspired - Part 1




Want to know how to find the motivation to succeed? This post is part of our motivation for musicians series. 
Sometimes we musicians find the hustle tough (ain’t it the truth?) and our music biz game (including marketing and promotion or facing music biz challenges or dilemmas) can suffer when we lack or lose motivation. Many musicians, composers and songwriters have told me that they sometimes have no motivation to write music and want to know how to stay musically inspired. This can all impact our career success. 
I have a few ways to get the juices flowing. I’ve shared them over the years, and on my course, and with clients in one on one sessions and workshops and I will be sharing a few tips in this blog in coming weeks. 


So, my fabulous musicpreneur friend, for those times when you’re stuck, in doubt, defeated, or want to figure out a way to get something done. Tell yourself this:
You can do it.
You know how I know? Because despite anything you have gone through, you are still here right now. So I know that you have a winning streak in you. 
Now I’m all about the positive vibes, but I’m practical too. I’m known for the realness. For a practical way on how to push through and get or stay motivated – in just four easy steps – read on.
Give yourself 10 minutes. 
Get something to write with or take notes on that 
can’t. disturb. you. with. alerts.
Close the door – put up a do not disturb sign – whatever it takes! 
If getting space and time to yourself is tricky, wait ’til the nipper(s) are sleeping, send them to their room to play. Tell ’em the one who stays quiet the longest will get a prize. Haha. 
If you’re at work and on a break, go sit in your car or find a cubicle somewhere. Ten minutes! That’s all:) 
1. Sit down and identify a time (or a few!) when you achieved something it could be an easy one in the grand scheme of things – a recipe that you love, a musical achievement – like the first time you wrote a complete verse, song, or something more challenging – winning a swimming trophy, having a child, climbing a mountain, finishing a race, learning a new skill, receiving an accolade or a degree, making your first pay cheque. You get the idea, right? 
Something or that you really wanted and achieved despite it all. 
2. Remember how it felt to finally get it or achieve it. Go on, close your eyes and allow yourself to remember and feel that lovely feeling of success! 
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Next, time to write, type or record this memory and put it to good use.

3. Find a photo, image, picture or draw, record (into your mobile or dictaphone device), or write something that conveys how it felt for you to print and stick in your wallet or on your screensaver. You get the idea! 
Nothing flash – oh musician! 
Keep. It. Simple. Sweetie.
4. Now write and/or memorise something that you can look at, hear, feel or say to yourself whenever you feel like you need a boost.  
It could be something like this: 

“If I can xxxxx do/get past [insert], I can make this [insert current goal/issue] happen/get past this.”

Extra tip: If you feel like talking to that beautiful image in the mirror you see every time you look at it , you can do it that way too! (Thank you, Louise Hay!)
Bonus extra tip: This one, is golden! Remember WHY you are doing it in the first place! Your why can be the most powerful motivator of all. If that doesn’t get you moving, then I invite you to sit down and consider whether you really want it. Just know that you can! Just place one foot in front in front of the other, my love. 
E Voila!
It works.
Try it. Let me know what you think! 
Share how it goes below or get in touch with me: Message me here
Here’s to owning your career and blazing your own trails! D x

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