How to be a successful independent music artist

How to be a successful independent music artist
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How to be a successful independent music artist

To know how to be a successful independent music artist you must understand exactly what you aim to achieve. The music business success tips below are basic, but effective. I have continually used them and others throughout my 25+ year career. I hope you find them helpful!

How to be a successful independent music artist

Be clear on what’s important

The first step to becoming a successful independent music artist without the typical nightmares most indies go through is by being super focused on the RIGHT things. That means not focusing on making it by any means, but instead putting together a solid plan. To attain success without 99 problems, don’t spread yourself too thin, particularly when you want to focus on creating music and developing your craft. Everything falls into place when things are lined up correctly. 
  1. Know what you really want to achieve. 
  2. Develop a plan by taking your real situation into consideration and keep it in mind to work from a realistic perspective that will help you get there. 
  3. Develop a strategy in line with YOUR needs, desires, and situation.
    Tips: Success has to be on your terms, no one else’s. If it’s not happening for you at present, it might be because you’re not working towards YOUR success plans, or doing so efficiently. With a good plan and strategy, attaining success with less struggle and overwhelm about what to do is definitely possible, no matter what your definition of success is.
How to be a successful independent music artist

Know and love your audience

The second step to becoming a successful independent music artist through focusing on the right things is by understanding your ideal audience and knowing how to get the attention those who would want what you are offering. 
  1. Research your audience
  2. Understand your audience
  3. Connect and interact appropriately with your audience. 
    Tip: If your actions have nothing to do with the above three steps, you’re wasting time, energy, and possibly money. Your time is the most valuable resource as you can’t get that back and you’d rather be creating new music, no? So be strategic about the actions you carry out. 
How to be a successful independent music artist

Act consistently and review often

The third step to becoming a successful independent music artist through focusing on the right things is by understanding business basics and carrying out boss move actions to attain success.
  1. Be aware of what you are presenting and what you are asking your audience to do.
  2. Be consistent with your actions. 
  3. Monitor and review your strategies and results regularly based on YOUR success goals. Amp up what works and ditch or tweak what doesn’t. 
    Tip: If you don’t have any substance or consistent approach that allows your fans to relate to what you’re doing and grow to love you, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a dedicated ‘ride or die’ following who will stick with you and support you.  This is why having a strong brand, niche and hub really helps you succeed. Think about what it is that you love about a particular artist or band who is successful. What do they do that helps them feel familiar to you? What unique thing(s) could you do for your fans that they’d love?

These tips provide a very basic outline for indie musicians looking to achieve success. Go get it, lady boss!


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Here’s to owning your career and blazing your own trails! D x

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