90-Day Success Plan for MusicPreneurs and Musicians. Part 5: How to maintain – Get That Mindset Right!

90-day Success Plan for Musicpreneurs - How to Maintain - Get That Mindset Right

In this short ‘n’ sweet, fifth and final post of our blog series based on the 90-day Success Plan Course, we have an ‘ickle recap and offer a couple of tips on how to keep going after putting your success plan into action. 

R E C A P 

In the previous post we showed you how to actually stick to the schedule and get great results, AND your time back how to be extremely productive whilst having the time to create music AND have a life. Have a shufti here. In the post before that we discussed how to create a streamlined and manageable schedule. Check it out here. In post two we discussed how to achieve your goal without overwhelm, or at least manage that feeling of *arggggggh!* and feel more in charge of things. Have a look at it here. The first post shows how to create a plan, the first step towards success in this series. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.


So, congrats, lady boss. You completed the main element of the course that gives you the foundations of reaching success on YOUR terms. You are on your way to achieving tons of mini-wins. This means you’ll be attaining success en route to even more! 

So yes. Now, we know how to succeed. Even so, we’re human. We have our ups and downs and sometimes, we may come across hurdles or even self-sabotage ourselves, which stops us in our tracks. On those occasions, it’s all about the mindset when pushing through. Here are a couple of ways you can maintain that success and stay steady! 


1. Visualise your goal(s) often

This is a repeat of a point highlight in week one.  It is valid for all steps towards success and should be incorporated in every thing you do. Now more than ever its important to keep the end goals at the forefront of your mind. So keep that vision board prominent. Don’t forget to keep up your positive affirmations, scheduled messages, photo on the fridge of your destiny prominent, and whatever other visualisation device that works best for you. 

90-Day Success Plan For Musicpreneurs and Musicians. Pt 2: How to Achieve Your Goal Without Overwhelm - Remember Your Why

2. Remember why you want it

Sometimes we feel stumped and overwhelmed, or just lack in motivation. During those moments it can be good to mentally (but gently) kick yourself up the behind and remind yourself why you want it so badly. That motivation is what can keep you going when you feel hopeless or that you’re unable to get what you want. 

Some ideas of ways to remind yourself: 

You could do affirmations, make up mini ditties or poems, make a feel good/success/empowerment playlist and play it (and have a good ol’ dance to it too!), or write your goal and why you want it, then place in a prominent place. 
If you’re struggling to feel anything about your ‘why’, one motivating technique is to remind yourself about where you do not want to be, and why – just enough to spur you on, then switch and remind yourself exactly where you want to be, and why. And get emotional about it! You’re allowed to. 
The emotional aspect can work wonders as it leads to action. It’s all about the feels, my love! You could be working away, all productive-like before you know it!

These tips provide a very basic outline that should help anyone looking for info on a simple way to achieve success for a set goal. 

Thank you for reading. Go get it, lady boss! Good luck!


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Here’s to owning your career and blazing your own trail!

Have a fab one!


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