90-Day Success Plan for MusicPreneurs and Musicians. Part 1: Create a Plan

In this week’s post we talk about the first steps towards achieving success in 90 days or less. 

Whether you’d like to build or grow your e-mail list, focus on boosting your current income, make your first bit of income from your music, increase your visibility, get some exposure, make sales of your products, get more shows AND get your time back to actually create music whilst doing all of this magical career boosting stuff, this post starts you off with the basics to take you from overwhelm, or stagnant to getting results. It shows you how you can really change your success rate and in turn, life. And achieve some top results in your career. 

How do I know it works? Because I’ve done it and developed a strategy that enabled me to achieve amazing accomplishments in the music industry over 25+ years as a professional singer, songwriter, composer, actress and more and live the dream life that I always wanted even though I started with no budget and not the best demos after leaving my recording deals. Best of all, I was able to raise my daughter and give her the dream life that I had hoped for whilst growing up. 

To kick things off, we’ll have to 


Create a Plan


90-Day Success Plan for MusicPreneurs and Musicians. Part 1: Create a Plan


Why? The best way to attain success without all the palava and faff is to set up a proper plan with a strategy to get you there. Often we are on hustle and grind mode. We may have a dream, but no clever way to lead us to success. This means we work hard – some of us are even proud of working hard. But hard work without understanding how to attain that gain is not very clever. Even if we are getting somewhere, it may not seem like it because we don’t take time to stop and evaluate, or it might feel like it will take all of your best years, if that, to get ANYWHERE close!

So, how do we fix this? 

Start here:


1. Know where you are now.


This requires you to really examine your current situation. Look at what you’ve done to get you here. Doing so can uncover the problem and how to fix. 



2. Evaluate your current situation. 


Be honest with yourself and ask if this is what you want. You may be unhappy or frustrated in your present place, but if you can dig deeper and uncover why, you will be better able to get to the root of the problem and deal with it once and for all. 



3. Decide what YOU want now.


This could be a monetary amount or a career based goal. Base your desire on your needs and wants. Then go from there. This intention based decision that aligns with YOUR actual needs and goals is what will form the basis of your plan. Here, we’re focusing on the verb form of the word plan – not the noun. It involves action! 

It really is that simple! Often we overcomplicate things, or even worse, don’t start with clarity at all. If you’d like to be in control and get all the success you desire, get clear on what you want – create a clear plan. 





Here’s to owning your career and blazing your own trail!

Have a fab one!


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