Facebook for Musicians ~ 10 Tips ~ How to Properly Plan and Post on Your Facebook Fan Page/Music Page, & More Pt. 2

This 2nd and final part of our 2-part Facebook (FB) element of our Social Media for Female Musicpreneurs Series focuses on preparing to publish your Facebook music page/band page, post on FB, and grow your following the right way. 
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Getting ready to Post


Mix it up! 

6. Plan your content.

Create posts using content that aligns with your brand and message. Variety is the spice of life, so use a mixture of pictures, video, audio, normal chit-chat posts suited to yours and your fan base’s interests. Just remember that variety can occur with the types of media that you share, so stay true to your core message and particular post aims at any given time, just post content that make sense to what you’re all about to build reliability and trust. Don’t confuse reliability with boring, though. It’s not about being beige. It’s just about being true to your core focus. This is what leads to great sales and success. 

I go into depth about how to source and create content in one Social Media Savvy for Musicians Course, but one simple tip from there is to choose the key words or themes that relate to your brand (what you’re all about as an artists or band). Then, brainstorm and list ideas (such as your own posts gig announcements or general related stuff, quotes, images, vids, etc.). I recommend creating your own resource centre that holds all of your past and upcoming posts, or ideas for future posts.  This is effectively a specially designated FB or social media folder on your desktop or a real world one! Save into the folder whenever you come across something interesting with a view to reviewing the contents when you need inspiration.  One of my long terms faves for images, videos and audio, such as Soundcloud, is using a Pinterest secret board to collate anything I feel may be interesting. You could also use a cloud drive such as Dropbox, a folder on your desktop, Evernote (another great fave of mine – *click this link to get a free month of Evernote Premium) or other tool. 

So, keep it interesting and your ideal audience will love you for it.  As long as you make sure your selection is dedicated to the cause and ties to your overall marketing strategy, 90-day to Success Strategy [COMING SOON]  C L I C K   F O R   E A R L Y   A C C E S S  &  
Y O U R   V . I. P.   I N V I T A T I O N – or current campaign, you’ll be on the right track. 

  • Keep your main purpose/strategy/plan in mind whenever you post.
  • Think of what your audience would like and post accordingly. 
  • The more visual the post on FB, then there’s better chance of engagement.

What this means for you:

Consistent and ‘on topic/brand’ posts keep people’s interests in you piqued. They also help to endear your ideal audience/fans to you. No one can identify with a wishy-washy brand. Unless that’s your speciality of course! 😃 Seriously though, as with posting regularly, if people know what to expect from you as a brand, they will learn to understand and trust you. Once they understand and trust you, they will feel comfortable buying your music and supporting you. 

7. Create a post schedule.

You also need to consider how often you will post.  Make sure you are mindful of your own schedule and overall social media schedule, so that all remains consistent and doesn’t overwhelm you.

I like to combine ‘live’ posts with pre-scheduled ones. Regular posts, such as quotes or holiday posts and promotional or blog announcement posts may be pre-scheduled. Also, weekly check-in posts for my private, fan, and membership groups.  This isn’t absolute rule for me – I may post these live time to time, but it would depend on my schedule.  I do this because I am busy and posting every week at the same time on the dot is not always possible with my schedule.  I also make sure to carve out times in my schedule to respond to questions and queries at certain times during the week.

You next need to think about how you will post. You can schedule posts in advance by using FB itself or other scheduling software.  I use different scheduling tools including Hootsuite and Post Planner as well as the FB platform.  One thing to keep in mind, FB prefers you to post directly from the platform. This also applies to videos, so when you can, upload your videos directly on FB instead of linking form other platforms, such as YouTube. Doing so will give your posts a better chance of being seen.  We have a sample content planner template. Click here to get a copy of one.


What this means for you:

Pre-scheduling makes your posts regular and can help to build trust and familiarity with your brand. This is important if you’d like to grow and succeed.

8. Target your page and posts to your ideal audience. 

Use the preferred audience option to reach your ideal audience in the settings menu (see image below). Of course, this requires you knowing your audience. If you’re not sure who your ideal audience or fans are or how to find out, see our How to Find Your Ideal Fans or Social Media Savvy course series. 

You can further refine your audience according to age, gender, location, if you wish, depending on the post.



What this means for you:

You are directly communicating with those likely to actually be interested, support you and buy your work. This means – no more trying to attract everyone or annoying people with irrelevant information. This saves you from wasting time and money and from losing followers who may feel you are not serving. This helps prevent your frustration with the lack of sales, engagement, or growth. 

9. Pin a relevant post to the top of your page.  

If you have posts you’d like people to see as soon as they land on your page, you can pin them. It keeps whatever is important to you at any given time prominent. If you haven’t published your page yet, select one of your planned posts to pin to the top as soon as you’re ready. 

What this means for you:

This feature can be used to promote or showcase you, your brand, product or service in whatever way you’d like. It can give a fan or potential fan, promoter, collaborator or other person a quick glimpse of something that can further your career or their engagement with you. Use this feature wisely!


10. Publish your page

Click on settings at the top of your page. Then click edit in the page visibility section at the top. You will then be able to select ‘Page published’ to publish your page and make it visible to the online world.  Click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

What this means for you:

If you need to make updates, you can use the un-publish option to tweak and then publish again when you’re ready. 
Congrats, you’re ready to rock! 

Extra Tips:

Use the FB tools provided

Engage with your audience. Think of what they would love from you and provide it. It doesn’t have to be long. Just be creative! 

Facebook provides one click access to its tools that can help you build, grow and succeed. These include FB live and sign ups. You can also create a special product, offer or event. 


FB live

Some ways to use FB include live sessions, Q & As and, behind the scenes. The list is endless. When you choose to go live, this image will appear. Make the choices to set up and then go for it! 


What this means for you:

Your ideal or existing fans will get to know you more and love you. FB live can help you to build a bond and rapport, and a greater connection gives you a better chance to succeed and more importantly, sustain a great career.

N I C E   N I C E


So, bon chance.  Remember this post isn’t about strategy, but about the benefits of using FB.  From sisterly loving place, I feel it’s important to state this reminder – don’t forget that FB a tool, not a magic formula cure-all. Don’t think that being set up on FB will automatically attract followers! As stated before, there is a method to using it, some strategies and help with developing your own strategies and building your perfect audience and getting results that help you succeed and boost that income is something we do. So, get in touch if you’d like some help with this. 
I’ve created a luvverly free cheatsheet, just for you! Click here to get it!:



Has this 2-part post been helpful to you?

Comment below and let me know how this has helped and a action step you will take next. If you already use any of the above, comment on what has been working for you. 

Share your success below! 


I want to help you and spread the word about your FB page or group! 

If you’re following this advice, take screenshots and comment below with a photo of your page’s before and after so we can feature it on our platforms and spread the word! Also make sure to send us your FB and web URL so we can link, where possible, too.

W H A T  N E X T?
Now you have the basics, now for the actual work towards success. Set up a strategy. When you follow a consistent strategy, you can start to actually get returns that you want, as you get serious about building and making serious income as a music biz boss. For specific strategy planning, check out our soon to be pre-launched course, which covers planning and strategies for busy female musicpreneurs to get the income they deserve. 

Here’s to owning your career and blazing your own trail!


*this post contains affiliate links. Wherever applicable and possible, I have done my best to ensure that you get something great (such as a month free) if you sign-up upon clicking the link! 

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