The Female MusicPreneur

Welcome to the first ever Female MusicPreneur blog!

This is so exciting. Female MusicPreneur has been in effect in all but name for years. I have been coaching and teaching music business strategies for years throughout my career as a speaker, teacher, coach and label owner and wanted to have a central online platform to do it all. I am pleased to be able to give my courses and training their own home at Female MusicPreneur International. As a female musician who is ALL about being in charge of her destiny, I have always felt it important to lift others up too. I know that it can be a challenge having to create amazing music that resonates with our audience and to earn a living from it. Finding people who will love it and marketing it to that special bunch of people is something that doesn’t always come naturally to us artists.  This is why I give kudos to anyone making it happen in music both creatively and financially.  Many of us hold (or have held) down full time or part time jobs whilst raising families, or try to stay consistent as artists whilst making a name for ourselves. Many dream about that elusive ‘deal’, or, if not, scramble to make it work as indies using haphazard approaches with no real understanding as to what to do and how to do it. I have been there. I had to figure out this path of indie-pendence over a decade ago, after going indie and taking my career into my own hands whilst raising my daughter. I had to be my own [s]hero. I’ve been using the term “musicpreneur” for years now. As an avid lover and practitioner of music, business, guerilla marketing and being my own boss, I think the term fits me perfectly. 

The Female MusicPreneur

Here’s my complete definition of a female musicpreneur:

“A fierce female musicpreneur is a female who operates and organises her [musicbusiness whilst creating incredible music. She is in control of her career, time, and destiny.  She delights her constantly growing fanbase that she has nurtured every step along the way of her journey.  Her work is valued; she is respected for her craft, graft, and talents and she has income that reflects this.”

She is what Female MusicPreneur is all about. Is this you? Is this who you want to be? If so, come on the journey with us. We are here to help and encourage you by showing you what has worked in our experiences and to give you some insight into those approaches and systems, as well as those used by others, so that you can forge your own way in YOUR musical YOUniverse!

This introductory blog is to give you some insight into what we are here to do.  Lifting up others so that we can stand side by side as women with integrity is important to me.  We can all shine together. If you’re stuck, confused, and wondering how on earth to make it happen, I assure you that there is a way to make it work to suit you. I made it happen for myself – I started with a vision, determination, and £0 (that’s $0 in any currency!).  I am thrilled and proud with what that £ became.

Yes, I am so excited to bring my vision to life.  I look forward to sharing insights by coaching, inspiring and empowering.  I am proud to finally unveil the website and courses that I’ve written and/or developed over the years.

Some things take time. But now, in 2017, here we are. So, hurrah!
Welcome again, and let’s get cracking!

We’ve so much good stuff planned.
Let me know in the comments your biggest desire for your career right now. Here’s to making your dream a reality.

Looking forward to it all!



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